Horses24 composes of registered portals of the same name in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia and many other countries. Thus, we offer the possibility of publishing your ad in all the stated portals or just the ones you have selected as the best suited for your needs. In order to display your ad and/or make a price inquiry for displaying your ad on the Horses24 portals, please contact us on

Terms and conditions of publishing ads:

  • Horses24 reserves the right to refuse an ad if its contents do not comply with applicable legislation, are illegal, indecent, misleading, similar to the Horses24 design or offensive.

  • Horses24 is not responsible for the quality of goods and services advertised on its sites.

  • Horses24 is not responsible for the compliance with legislation of the ads displayed on its sites. The client undertakes to ensure the ads published by him/her on Horses24 comply with applicable legislation and by publishing his/her ads undertakes to bear the costs in case of noncompliance with legislation.

  • Given the type and format of the ads, Horses24 reserves the right to demand introducing additional clauses or making changes prior to publishing the ads. For more information, please contact us. Any such data collection forms (incl. banners) will be labelled as “ad”, if necessary.

Advertising etiquette:

  • Ads may not be misleading. For example, the banner may not resemble Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes, error messages, etc.

  • Ads may not resemble the contents of Horses24.

  • Ads should not imitate news headlines in their design, tone or sentence composition or topic selection by a third person.

  • Adding cookies to ads in not allowed in the Horses24 environment.

  • Horses24 reserves the right to remove from its environment any Horses24 users and/or ads harming or disrupting its user functionality.